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In Home Dog Training, Learning How To Be A Pack Leader Cleveland, OH

Raven Moon offers the most effective dog training services in Cleveland, Ohio. Dog training requires an understanding of the psychology of dogs and their behavior. Lori the Founder of Raven Moon has years of experience working with dogs and other animals as a Vet-Tech and training dogs since she was young. Lori uses a similar philosophy as the "Dog Whisperer", she teaches the dog owners how to behave and be the "pack leader" using positive leadership and relaxed energy. Dogs need a pack leader for direction and guidance. Lori will teach you how to accomplish this and

be a pack leader.

Dog Training To Create A Loving Respectful Relationship with Your Dog Cleveland, OH

Once Lori teaches you how to be the pack leader, she will show you dog training exercises to perform with your dog that you can do on your own to build and forge a positive respectful relationship with your dog. It takes time and patients to train dogs. Some dogs respond faster than others, but Lori will teach you how to accomplish the desired behavior through proven dog training techniques.

Dog Training Improves Your Dogs Behavior -  We Will:

Do In home dog training

Teach how to communicate with your dog

Teach how to be the pack leader

Teach how relaxed positive energy yields a positive response

Do puppy training

Do mature dog training

Do aggressive behavior training

Do fear behavior training

Do basic obedience training

Help Correct weird habits

Help Teach pets how to co-exist with each other

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